# Storage Endpoints

A storage endpoint represents all settings and credentials needed to connect to a Azure Storage blob container.


# Adding Endpoints

  • Click Endpoints in the sidebar.
  • Click the Add button to add a new endpoint.

# Modifying Endpoints

  • Click on the Edit icon to modify a existing endpoint.

# Deleting Endpoints

  • Click on the Delete icon.
  • Click Confirm on the popup to permanently delete the endpoint.

# Configuring an Azure Blob Storage Endpoint

  • In the Endpoint Name field, specify a label used to identify the endpoint in the interface.
  • In the Storage Account Name field, enter the name of the Azure Storage account of the blob container you want to connect to.
  • In the Blob Container field, enter the blob container name.
  • In the Storage Account Access Key, enter one of the access keys for the Azure Storage account you specified above.
  • Press Save. You may see a error message if the application was not able to connect to the blob container.