# FTP Public Address Configuration

# Passive Mode FTP Behind a NAT

In passive mode FTP, when a client requests a passive data connection, the server responds with the IP address the client should connect to. If the server is behind a load balancer or NAT gateway you must set the FTP public address to the IP address or hostname of the forwarding appliance for passive connections to work properly.

# Specifying a Custom FTP Public Address

To specify a different FTP public address IP address or hostname:

  1. Open the file /etc/filemage/config.yml (you may need to use sudo), add the following lines to it, and then save the changes:
ftp_public_address: <PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS_OR_HOSTNAME>


If you specify a hostname it will be resolved at server startup.

  1. Restart the server:
sudo systemctl restart filemage