# FTP Public Address Configuration

# FTP Public IP Address Auto-detection

FileMage Gateway will use the cloud providers VM instance metadata service to detect the virtual machine's public IP address for passive FTP connections. In some cases this metadata might not be available, in which case you must specify a IP address to be used for FTP passive connections in the servers configuration file.

# Passive Mode FTP Behind a NAT

In passive mode FTP, when a client requests a passive data connection, the server responds with the IP address the client should connect to. If the server is behind a forwarding appliance such as a NAT gateway you must set the FTP public address to the IP address or hostname of the forwarding appliance for passive connections to work properly.

# Specifying a Custom FTP Public Address

To specify a different FTP public address IP address or hostname use the ftp_public_address configuration in the application configuration file.


If you specify a hostname it will be resolved at server startup.