# Users

A user represents a FTP and SFTP login credential and associated settings. SFTP users may authenticate using SSH keys or passwords. Each user may be assigned to a different storage endpoint. Users can be restricted to home directories, and additional folder permissions can be specified for each user.


# Adding Users

  • Click Users in the sidebar to navigate to the Users page.
  • Click the Add button to create a new user.

# Modifying Users

  • Click on the Edit icon to modify a existing user.

# Deleting Users

  • Click on the Delete icon.
  • Click Confirm on the popup to permanently delete the user.


Deleting a user will delete all SSH keys created for the user.

# Authentication

  • Enter a username. Usernames must be unique and may not be blank.

  • You must either enter a password or check the option to disable password authentication to limit the user to SSH key authentication only.

  • Select a storage endpoint for the user to connect to. Each user may only connect to one storage endpoint. If you haven't created a storage endpoint you must do so before creating users.



The FTP protocol only supports password authentication.

# Home Directory

You may select a home directory for the user. When the user logs in, this directory path will appear as the root of the users account. The user will not be able to access files above this path.

The default permission level for the home directory is Full, applied recursively. You may change this level, or apply more restrictive permissions on sub-folders using the Additional Permissions settings. See Folder Permissions for more information about how folder permissions work.


# Additional Folder Permissions

To view and modify the permissions of a user, navigate to the users page by clicking on Users in the sidebar, and then click the Edit button to open the users settings page. Scroll down to the Folder Permissions section. See Folder Permissions for more information about how folder permissions work.



Only folder permissions granted to the user are listed in the user settings page. Group permissions applied to any groups that the user is a member of are not displayed in the user setting page.

# Configuring SFTP Public Key Authentication


SSH keys can only be configured after the user has been created, on the edit user page.

# Importing a SSH Key

  • Click Manage Keys to go to the key management page.
  • Paste your SSH key in the text field/
  • Click Import.
  • The MD5 fingerprint of the imported key will be shown in the Keys section.


# Creating a SSH Key

The application can create a key for you. The key will be available for download only at the time of creation.

  • Click Create Key to create a new key.
  • Click Download on the popup.
  • Store the key safely. You will not be able to download it again.