# Installing FileMage Gateway on IBM Cloud

FileMage Gateway is available on IBM Cloud as a virtual machine (VM) image. This VM image is fully functional upon launch and requires no additional configuration to use. However, you may need to make certain changes depending on your specific use case.


When deploying a Linux image, SFTP is running on port 2222.

# IBM Cloud Catalog

IBM Cloud uses IBM Cloud Schematics to provision catalog entries using Terraform. The FileMage Gateway Terraform templates for IBM Cloud are available at https://github.com/filemage/ibmcloud-schematics-filemage. For more information about IBM Cloud schematics see https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/schematics.

# Deploying a Virtual Machine

  1. To deploy FileMage in IBM Cloud, go to the FileMage Gateway catalog entry in the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

  2. Under Configure your workspace, select the Schematics workspace name and region.

  3. Scroll down to Set the deployment values.

    • For region, enter the IBM Cloud region you want to create the VM in.
    • For ssh_key_name, enter the name of a SSH key which already exists in your account. You will use this key to access your VM.
    • For subnet_id, enter the ID of an existing subnet in your IBM Cloud account. The VM will be created in this subnet. Note that you need to provide the subnet ID and not the subnet name.
    • For vsi_instance_name enter a descriptive name for the VM. This will be the name of the VM in the IBM Cloud console.
    • For vsi_security_group enter a descriptive name for the VM security group. This will be the name of the VM security group in the IBM Cloud console.
  4. Click optional deployment values

    • For create_floating_ip, type true if you want to create and attach a public IP address to the VM. This is recommended for accessing the management portal in your browser.
  5. In the right hand side panel, check the license agreement checkbox and click Install. You will be redirected to the newly created Schematics workspace. Wait until the workspace is fully deployed.

  6. In the workspace log, click Show more, then scroll all the way down. Under Outputs, look for vsi_instance_address. This is the IP address of your VM. Open this IP address in your browser to begin configuring your management portal.

  7. Open a SSH terminal session to your VM and run sudo filemage update to download and install the latest version of the application to access newly released features.

# IBM Cloud IAM Permissions

FileMage Gateway requires the following IAM roles to function:

  • Content Reader
  • Content Writer
  • Object Writer

If you wish to configure a custom role with more granular permissions the actions in the table below are required.

Action Description
cloud-object-storage.bucket.get List all the objects in a bucket.
cloud-object-storage.bucket.head View bucket metadata.
cloud-object-storage.bucket.get_location View the location and storage class of a bucket.
cloud-object-storage.object.get View and download objects.
cloud-object-storage.object.head Read an object's metadata.
cloud-object-storage.object.put Write and upload objects.
cloud-object-storage.object.post_initiate_upload Initiate multipart uploads.
cloud-object-storage.object.put_part Upload an object part.
cloud-object-storage.object.copy_part Copy (write) an object part.
cloud-object-storage.object.copy_part_get Copy (read) an object part.
cloud-object-storage.object.post_complete_upload Complete a multipart upload.
cloud-object-storage.object.copy Copy (write) an object from one bucket to another.
cloud-object-storage.object.copy_get Copy (read) an object from one bucket to another.
cloud-object-storage.object.delete Delete an object.
cloud-object-storage.object.get_uploads List parts of a multi-part object upload.
cloud-object-storage.object.delete_upload Abort a multipart upload.
cloud-object-storage.object.post_multi_delete Delete multiple objects.