# Checking for updates

To check if an update is available, go to the Settings page. There will be a notification at the bottom of the page indicating the currently installed version and if there is an update available.

# Updating the Application

The application can be updated by running the filemage update command. This will download the latest application package and install it.

# On Linux:

  1. Open a SSH session to your virtual machine.
  2. Enter the command sudo filemage update.
  3. Answer yes when prompted. Note that the application will restart.

# On Windows:

  1. Open a RDP session to your virtual machine.
  2. Open a administrator command prompt.
  3. Enter the command filemage update.
  4. Answer yes when prompted. Note that the application will restart.

# Change Log

# 1.7.0

  • Add password reset and welcome emails.
  • Add password expiration setting.
  • Add multi-factor authentication required setting.

# 1.6.1

  • Add support for multi-factor authentication using TOPT.

# 1.6.0

  • Add the user workspace portal.

# 1.5.27

  • Fix race condition in SFTP file handle cleanup logic.

# 1.5.26

  • Add support for diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 SFTP key exchange algorithm.
  • Remove TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA from default TLS ciphers.

# 1.5.25

  • Add Google Identity Services as a federated authentication source.

# 1.5.24

  • Add pg_max_open_connections setting.
  • Add audit_disable setting.

# 1.5.23

  • Add support proxy protocol on data connections using ftp_proxy_protocol_data.

# 1.5.21

  • Add title and date added fields for SSH keys
  • MLSD response now includes current directory.
  • Add azure_put_md5 setting.
  • Add sftp_server_identity setting.

# 1.5.20

  • Add flags for username and password to init command.
  • Add flag to generate API token to init command.
  • Linux update script now waits for dpkg lock.

# 1.5.19

  • Add support for 0 byte files on GCP and AWS.

# 1.5.18

  • Set cache headers on static resources.

# 1.5.17

  • Add sftp_idle_timeout configuration option.

# 1.5.16

  • Add support for SFTP packets larger than 32k bytes.

# 1.5.15

  • Add option to allow overwrites on rename.

# 1.5.14

  • Support HTTP-01 Let's Encrypt challenge type.

# 1.5.13

  • Show toast message when Azure Active Directory login fails.
  • Add option to disable HTTPS.
  • Add default SFTP port notification on login.

# 1.5.12

  • Add support for IBM Cloud Object Storage.

# 1.5.11

  • Allow administrators to be deleted when using Azure Active Directory federation.

# 1.5.9

  • Auto-generated default certificate now properly sets key usage fields.
  • Fix bug when creating virtual folders based on permissions.
  • Improve handling of ftp_tls_required setting.

# 1.5.8

  • Hide folders that that the user cannot access.
  • Add support for Proxy Protocol on FTP listener.

# 1.5.6

  • Fix bug in Azure Service Identity token retrieval and caching.
  • Add feature to check for and install updates.
  • Set MIME type based on file extension when uploading to Google Cloud Storage.
  • Show virtual folders when a defining folder permissions.

# 1.5.5

  • Add setting to configure HTTP healthcheck endpoint.
  • Set MIME type based on file extension when uploading to Azure Blob Storage.
  • Add configurable password requirements.
  • Add configurable session age setting.
  • Add CORS whitelist setting.
  • Add setting to configure TLS ciphers and versions.

# 1.5.3

  • Add support Google Cloud metrics.

# 1.5.0

  • Add option to set expiration date for user accounts.
  • Allow FTP clients that don't support SNI to connect when using ACME certificates.

# 1.4.1

  • Add support for SSH certificate authentication.
  • Fixed a bug where downloading a file using FTP in Chrome did not work.

# 1.4.0

  • Add user IP whitelisting.
  • Fixed a bug where 0 byte files uploaded with SFTP where not created.

# 1.3.9

  • Improved download performance.
  • Fixed a bug where the disable password checkbox was not working.
  • Add option to disable all SFTP password logins.
  • Clearer error message when storage account is not reachable.
  • Retry calls to Azure metadata service.

# 1.3.7

  • Add Azure Active Directory integration.
  • Add authentication logger option.
  • Add reset password helper scripts.
  • Add support for using Azure Managed System Identity.

# 1.3.5

  • Add support for banning IPs with excessive failed logins.

# 1.3.3

  • Add Windows support.

# 1.3.0

  • Add audit log.

# 1.2.12

  • Prevent directory listing timeouts by using smaller page sizes.